Survey 1 completed in Uganda

Survey 1 completed in Uganda – report from Joseph, Felece and the team

Survey 1 in Uganda was conducted from June 4 to September 15. A total of 200 boreholes across ten districts has been surveyed – three of the districts in central Uganda, two in the western region, three in the northern part, and two in the eastern part of the country. In each of these districts, 20 communities/boreholes were visited and surveyed.  Out of 200 boreholes surveyed: 60% were found to be in use at the time of visit, 20% were not functioning, and 20% were abandoned.


UPGro Survey 1 in Uganda consisted of a team of 6: Physical science researcher – Joseph; Assistant physical science researcher – Bonny; Social science researcher – Felece; Driver & bucket changer – Phillip; and two pumpers (identified by the district water officer of each of the respective districts).  Michael did a commendable job in ensuring the smooth running and success of the Uganda survey, and working closely with WaterAid Uganda whose assistance in ensuring the Survey was completed on time was invaluable and greatly appreciated.   In Uganda, pump mechanics were found very useful due to being more conversant with the road network and communities of their district. Hence, for each district at least one of the pumpers was a pump mechanic. This enabled a number of challenges to be overcome as they were known by their communities and hence saved a great deal of time for the survey team.

 The team has gained a lot of experience from the ‘twin survey’ (i.e. physical and social science surveys) methodology, equipment and the different social communities across the Uganda. In addition, the survey 1 has helped most of the surveyed district water officials to update their borehole status database.

 Major challenges found by the Survey team in Uganda were: accessibility to water points, due to poor road network and farmland boundaries; finding social committees especially where HPB’s had been abandoned; and the tight time schedule of the survey. Fortunately all the challenges were overcome and finished our survey of ten districts in time!