UPGro results at Australasian Groundwater Conference (AGC), 24-27th November 2019, Brisbane

By Helen Fallas

This year’s AGC2019 event showcased research into the key role aquifers have to play in building resilience.  The overall theme of the conference was “Groundwater in a Changing World”.  Conference chair Professor Jim Underschultz said “Groundwater is increasingly recognised as a vital element in world water resource management and an important contributor to global health, economies, and social and environmental wellbeing.”

Eddie Banks took the opportunity of the Australasian conference to present some of the findings from Hidden Crisis project work – highlighting some of the findings from the project, which suggests rural groundwater supplies in sub-Saharan Africa are generally resilient to climate variability for the yields associated with drinking water.  Analysis of environmental tracers in groundwater sampled from hand pumps in the project has shown the rural water supplies are being actively recharged and the water points often recover seasonally.

Eddie Banks at AGC2019