Ethiopia Workshop, Addis Ababa, 18 February 2020

Zeryihan Kassa, WaterAid Ethiopia

This workshop organised by WaterAid Ethiopia programme and held in Addis Ababa, brought together a range of stakeholders working in the WASH Sector in Ethiopia, to disseminate and discuss some of the emerging key findings from the Hidden Crisis Project.  There was strong representation from research and academic institutions in Ethiopia, as well as government officials and NGOs, and there was significant discussion as to how the project research can as catalyst for further research in Ethiopia.

The workshop was opened by the WaterAid Ethiopia Country Director, Yaekob Metena.  Several presentations were given during the day by some of the main UK and Ethiopian project researchers – providing and overview and insight to the project research, the methods, and the key findings to date. This included presentation of the newly published District Sustainability Assessment (DSA) Executive Summary that was conducted across the three project country as part of the research to provide insight to the district-level institutional factors affecting sustainability of rural boreholes fitted with handpumps.

WAE Country Director Yaekob Metena on the occasion said that:

The research findings enable actors to further understand the context and underlying factors that influence functionality of underground water points and other associated factors.

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